(0 Leads to 134 leads in just 2 months)

Here is how we created a campaign to go from 0 we buy houses leads to 134 leads in 2 months.

If you’re not familiar with this niche – it’s a lower searched niche because we are looking for people that are “motivated” home sellers.

Target Audience:

People that want to sell their house fast for multiple reasons:

  • Their house needs too much work and they don’t want to put the money into it
  • They are losing their house due to foreclosure
  • They owe too much in back taxes
  • They inherited a house
  • They purchased a new house and are moving – want a quick sale from a “cash buyer”

The goal was to increase the number of?qualified motivated seller leads with a CPA under $100 / lead. The current marketing avenue was mailers and the average cost per lead was around $125/lead.


We implemented a 3 fold strategy.


We customized a campaign for this site to help the rankings organically. This included unique on page content, technical on page SEO, competitor research, keyword research and off page SEO


Using the keyword research from the SEO campaign, we built out and optimized an Adwords campaign to hit some of the top keywords in the area. We buy houses, sell house fast, cash home buyers, etc.


We created and implemented a targeted ad campaign on Facebook to get our brand and message in front of the audience we were targeting.

We started working on this campaign on June 15, 2019 and at that time the traffic was 3 visits per day.

Social Media Conversion
And the site was averaging about 4 leads per month.
sell house fast leads 4 leads per month

The Results

Google Adwords
$34.53 CPA on Google Adwords

We beat the goal we set by over 60%! This is awesome to achieve so quickly as we can optimize the campaign and lower the CPA and scale the leads.


motivated seller google adwords stats
Facebook Ads
$38.87 CPA on Facebook ads

We beat the goal here by a ton as well. Also, a good sign as we will be able to optimize audiences, build look alike audiences, plus acquire more data to remarketing people as the site traffic grows.

Facebook ads conversion

And the best part is the SEO leads – Read…Free Traffic! We were able to pull 23 leads from organic and direct traffic. The great part about this is – we don’t have to pay for clicks to generate these leads.

This will continue to grow due to marketing efforts and branding.

google ads convertion leads
These leads are projected to turn into $50,000+ in revenue over the next few months.
How does this help you?

We have a lot of experience in the real estate niche and we can help you scale your leads as well.

We do limit to one client per city (that’s only fair) so feel free to reach out if you would like to chat with us about helping you grow your business.